A deep connection – Erin Madden

My Mum, Sister and I used to go regularly when we lived in Gloucestershire. My sister was 4/5 and I was 8/9. We used to wonder why the huge chair was there and came up with a few possibilities. My favourite was that there was a higher being who used it on one of his/ her shifts to look after Gloucestershire. We never questioned the other sculptures very much, just enjoyed them.

Once we were taking a few pictures of each other by the sculpture that looks like a mound of coal and my sister wanted a go with the disposable camera. We would smile and then she would face to one side of us, so we would re-position ourselves and the same would happen. She didn’t want us in the photo apparently. After a few landscape pics, she took one of us. We later found that none of us had heads in the picture!

Although we visited many times in those 2 and a half years, we never did find all of the sculptures!

I have a deep connection with the Forest of Dean, despite not going for 11 years or so. I am now studying Countryside and Environmental Management and have just come back from a year’s placement at Martin Mere – The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust. I think the forest has had some influence on me. Thank you!

Unfortunately we can’t find a photo of us next to the Giant’s Chair, but this is one of me and my sister GG nearby.