Thanks for the memories – Jemma Benn

The Sculpture Trail was a regular day out for me and my two best friends with my Mum and Step-Dad and we all have fond memories – especially of my 8th birthday one cold November where we filled our wellies with icy water from a river and did handstands which resulted in one of us going home in nothing but the picnic blanket due to forgetting a change of clothes (obligatory for a day out with my family haha!).

I’m still in contact with the girls. Marie-Claire is my closest friend and was my only bridesmaid. I’m currently training to walk a marathon for charity and to mark the 25th anniversary of our friendship me and Marie-Claire plan to return to the Sculpture Trail for a training walk.

Unlike the chair our friendship is still strong! Thanks for the memories.

Pictured: Jemma Benn (red wellies) with Marie-Claire Smith (red jacket) and Eleanor Stone.