I’ll miss it when it’s gone – Nick Stewart

I’ve lived in Lydney since September 2012, prior to that near Newent for 26 years. I’ve always loved the forest and I’ve been taking photos for ever.

This particular time (January 2013), I was home alone as my wife was visiting my son who lives in the US. Going out with my dog and my camera was quite therapeutic, so the snow gave me an extra incentive. When I got to Beechenhurst there was a sign saying the Trail was closed. So I had to go in as there wouldn’t be anyone else foolish enough! Me and Ollie trudged around for hours. Beautiful virgin snow, bright sunshine and the occasional deer made for a great day, and gave my spirits a huge lift.

That Chair is quite surreal, and in the fading light was pretty spooky too. My favourite shot is the one of my little dog being totally dwarfed by this huge structure. I’ll miss it when it’s gone. I hope they replace it with something as good.