The link to so many memories from my childhood – Phil Scott

We first visited the Giant’s Chair in 1986, but as a child, I have no recollection of its installation. For me, it seemed to have been there always, as old as the rocks out of which it grew.

It soon became a special place, one we came to often as a family or with visiting friends, to celebrate our birthdays or just because we wanted a walk. We took countless pictures of our visitors standing by it, but only a handful for ourselves – after all, why bother to photograph something that is always there?

I’m so grateful to Magdalena Jetelova for creating something that has had such a special place in my life for nearly 30 years. It is the link to so many memories from my childhood, teenage years and adult life. While I still can, I am revisiting the Giant’s Chair to relive those memories and to store up some new ones – only this time, I’m taking my camera too.

Photos: My parents and I on our walk to celebrate Dad’s 70th birthday in January 2003.