We’re proud to share our new film A Sense of Place, that tells the story of the Giant’s Chair and features stunning aerial photography of the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail as you’ve never seen it before.

This month artist Onya McCausland with the support of local charcoal burners will transform this iconic sculpture into charcoal to make new artworks in homage to the artist Magdalena Jetelova’s original wishes.

When I met Magdalena I wanted to understand more about her original plans to burn Place. I learned how important this gesture was to her life. Since then, the sculpture has touched many people’s lives so the gesture is a material change that connects to the landscape and with the people that live there. This act of burning is a transformation, not an end.” Onya McCausland.

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Charcoal burning event:

Friday 23rd October 9am: Local Forest of Dean charcoal burners will build a wood pile with the timber remains of Place, on the site of where the sculpture once stood. At 1pm the pile will be lit and the structure will smoke and smoulder for a number of days. The length of time the burn will go on can vary so we cannot provide an end time, but it is expected to continue until 25th October, possibly longer. The public can visit to observe the charcoal making process from a safe and signposted distance.