Rainbow Forest pop up den-making event

[fusion_text]Kids enjoying rainbow den building on the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail at Beechenhurst.

A multi-coloured spectacle on the Sculpture Trail

On Wednesday 24th August, we held a one-off pop up art event on the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail. Rainbow Forest was commissioned as part of the Trail’s 30th anniversary celebrations this year. We used an eco-friendly, natural paint to cover hundreds of branches and sticks in bright colours and then invited the public to demonstrate their creative skills.

People of all ages joined in to create a colourful new landscape together. There was great team work and sharing, friends were made, skills were learnt and it was a lot of fun.

There was a huge mix of wonderful, inventive structures made, with big dens and miniature dens, hideouts, tipis and even one giant den with its own bed and kitchen! The final results were vivid and striking, contrasting wonderfully with the natural woodland landscape and the forest was thoroughly transformed into a multi-coloured pop up playground.

Rainbow Forest was inspired by the many dens which have appeared along the Sculpture Trail over the years. Children and families love building improvised dens and structures using debris and tree branches that sit around the forest, and you can’t go far without seeing one.

Rather than ignore all this guerrilla sculpture making, we were inspired by it and decided to create this special one-off event based on the inventive and striking den-making we saw around us.

Rainbow Forest was also influenced by new sculpture “Yaşasin” by Pomona Zipser which was installed on the Trail in July.

The eco-paint was from Earthborn Paints and was clay based. Claypaint provided a completely safe, eco-friendly paint suitable for families and children to handle. Find out more about why we chose this paint here: www.earthbornpaints.co.uk/blog/rainbow-den-making-at-the-forest-of-dean-sculpture-trail



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Free Giant’s Chair Charcoal drawing workshops: 23rd -24th January 2016

Join local artist Rachel Shilston and experiment with charcoal made from the Giant’s Chair (Place by Magdalena Jetelova) in this fantastic drawing workshop. Suitable for children and all ages welcome, materials and paper provided.

This is a drop in activity taking place 12noon-3pm on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th January. At the Beechenhurst Lodge shop. Container-a-Cafe will be serving hot drinks, snacks and cakes.

Charcoal and timber from the Giant’s Chair will also be given away – on a first come first served basis as long as supplies last. Artwork by local group MindScape will also be on display.

charcoal child 2 copy charcoal workshops small

New year heralds two more new sculptures for the Forest of Dean

2016 is set to be a busy year for Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail at Forestry Commission England’s Beechenhurst, with two further artists awarded new commissions for the site.

An innovative solar powered light sculpture by Andrea Roe will arrive in March. The artwork is inspired by hidden networks of fungi that exist in the ground and will be motion triggered by passing walkers. The sculpture will be visible in daytime beneath the dark canopy of the forest and will stay in place for one year.

Additionally Pomona Zipser has been to selected to lead a permanent major work due to be completed in September. Zipser is a Germany based Romanian artist. This will be her first major sculpture on UK soil, and will further boost the Trail’s international profile.

These commissions will develop alongside Henry Castle and Onya McCausland’s and each will lead to very different artworks and offer exciting new ways to learn from and experience the Forest of Dean’s spectacular landscape, all year round.

Further details of all four commissions will be revealed in coming months.

Timber and Charcoal from the Giant’s Chair to be distributed


Forestry Commission England in partnership with Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail will give away timber cut offs from the remains of Place on 23-24thJanuary 2016, 10am – 4pm by the Container-a-Cafe at Beechenhurst.

The wood will be available for free on a first come first served basis as long as supplies of the left over wood last.

In addition 100 bags of limited edition charcoal made from the recent charcoal burning event are available for collection from Beechenhurst on the same weekend as part of “Charcoal Works”, an online archive of charcoal artworks led by artist Onya McCausland. If you are unable to visit the collection site, some charcoal may be available via post from January 2016. Please email cathy@forestofdean-sculpture.org.uk to register interest for a postal delivery of charcoal. Additional collection sites for the charcoal are available in London and Cheltenham to find out more and to register to be part of an online archive of charcoal artworks go to: www.turninglandscape.com/charcoal-works/ You can also follow the developments of Charcoal Works on twitter @turningland


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