[fusion_text]New sculpture installed featuring 300 million year old fossils

It has been an exciting week on the Sculpture Trail as Henry Castle nears the completion of his new sculpture Coal Measure Giants.

Coal Measure Giants brings to the surface aspects of what lies hidden beneath the Forest’s surface. Exploring the geological, industrial and sociological aspects of the Forest’s history, visitors will be able to touch the fossilized remains of 300 million year old trees and see the form of the mine shaft sets that provided a livelihood for generations of local freeminers. Two sculptures placed 300 metres apart act as markers, measuring the depth of the coal seam that lies directly below the ground. The workinvites the public to experience a physical expression of this vertical depth

Here are some sneak preview photos of the artwork being installed. More photos and video to follow!

Read our press release on our forthcoming new artworks and plans to celebrate our 30th anniversary: FODST 30th anniversary PR_FV2

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