Michelle Cain, 2021

Animal Shelter is a wicker structure created from dark and white steamed willow in the form of a Badger, an animal that is prevalent in the Forest of Dean.

The structure is assembled with strong willow rods embedded into the ground to create solid fixing points around the perimeter of the “pod”. These rods are woven together to create a dome shape structure, which is then clad with dark and white steamed willow to create the contrasted Badger ‘fur’ colour. The head of the badger is formed separately and tied into the pod structure to enable a strong cantilevered form.

The pod is built around an existing bench on the trail footpath to provide a shelter from weather and a place to pause and reflect on the plight of the local badger population.

About the Artist

Michelle creates willow giants ,structures and spaces for festivals, communities, organisations and individuals. Imagining clients ideas into big, visual, celebratory, eco art is what she loves to do