Edith Meusnier , 2021

My installations do not trouble the landscape, light and ephemeral, they cross it like a visual filter or a temporary punctuation. Plaited with joyful gift ribbons, which symbolise both the pleasure of shared festivities and the harmful wastefulness, my work composes a fleeting and seemingly paradoxical staging of vulnerable sites always subjected to multiple aggressions

Edith Meusnier

These 18 lightweight, colourful, shaped modules suspended in a glade of trees have been made by using the ancient techniques of plaiting and sprang.

About the Artist

Edith Meusnier is a French visual artist. She developed an early and passionate interest in the study of contemporary interpretation of primitive plaiting, which she then completed with higher studies in industrial textile creation.

For the past 25 years, she has lived and worked in a small village located in the clearing of a Picardy forest, an environment that is both privileged and fragile, which nourishes her imagination and influences her artistic approach. In addition to numerous furtive installations in the forest, she has exhibited her work in rural or urban environments, at many international exhibitions and residencies.