Alicja Biala, 2021

Totems symbolizes the relationship between humans and the forces of nature, which were once perceived as mystical ancestors

Alicja Biala

Totems is part of a series of sculptures/installations that appear in different locations, in public spaces (so far in Poland, Portugal, Denmark, soon in Germany, and the US).

The totem poles, in bright colours, draw attention to themselves not only due to their aesthetics but to encourage and prompt passers-by to interact. The different proportions visualise scientific information on the condition of the environment. As a result, you can visualise the scale of timber felling, air pollution, overexploitation of fisheries, a decrease of wildlife, and more.

On the Forest of Dean trail, each of the totem poles refers to local conservation data, tracking the population numbers of different wildlife species. These totems focus on the decline of the UK’s wildlife; specifically hedgehogs, toads, and wild rabbits; in past decades the number of hedgehogs has declined by 95 percent, wild rabbits 60 percent, and the number of common toads has fallen by 68 percent.

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About the Artist

A visual artist working with different media; from cut-outs and drawing to large sculpture projects.

Graduated from Via University College and The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in Denmark.

Currently studying at The Royal College of Art in London.