Pomona Zipser, 2016

“Like all the other artists on the Trail, everyone’s reaction and connection to the site is completely different. For me, I must have personal contact with the people who live and work in the area: the community around the project is very important. My work is based on these relationships.” Pomona Zipser

Yaşasin, which means “hooray” in Turkish, creates a space and a structure from which to contemplate and observe the ever-changing forest. Zipser’s sculpture has been handcrafted from sweet chestnut felled on the site of the Trail, and Zipser has collaborated with local artists and craftsmen to make the sculpture at Tan House Farm in Newland. The sculpture was then transported to the site to be installed. It makes a thought-provoking and visual connection to the surrounding environment, playing with density, dimensions and colour.

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About the Artist

Pomona Zipser was born in Romania and moved to Germany in 1970. Her practice encompasses painting, lithography, illustrations, draughting, and sculpture. She studied painting at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich, and sculpture at the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. She taught wood and ceramics at the Universität der Künste Berlin from 1994-99, and lectured in sculpture, drawing and art appreciation at the Freien Akademie für Kunst Berlin from 1995-2006. In 1997 she was a lecturer at the Thuringian Summer Academy Bohlen and in 2004/2005 at the Berlin-Weissensee Art Academy for Spatial Design. For more information on Zipser’s work, visit the artist’s website: www.pomonazipser.com