coneandvesselBy Peter Randall-Page, Forest of Dean stone, located 1988

Peter Randall-Page has carved two complementary works. Created on a large scale, these intricate, organic forms are revealed in all their detail and draw our attention to the tiny fragile shapes that exist in the forest. The sculptures are placed under their respective trees and they reflect the balance in the Dean between deciduous and coniferous trees. The colour of the Forest of Dean sandstone quarried nearby varies from pink to green

Peter Randall-Page, stone-carver, took as the basis for his works, Cone and Vessel, the intricate forms of a pine cone and acorn cup. By enlarging the scale so significantly, the object takes on a surreal dimension, suggesting giant forest trees. The skilful carving of the fletched acorn cup and the delicate double spiral of the knobs of the cone draw our attention to the intricate beauty of tiny things, so that our perception of the vast forest is transformed, and we begin to notice the minutiae of the forest life, the curious configurations of tree bole and leaf, insect and bark, lichen and furled bracken which comprise the hidden face of the forest.Rupert Martin