By Sophie Ryder, steel rod and steel wire, located 1988, reinstated September 2001

This deer was installed separately from Sophie Ryder’s much larger work “Crossing Place”, which incorporated 13 deer and had originally been envisaged as a group of 20 deer.

“Sophie Ryder draws her inspiration from the English tradition of animal art, with its attention to anatomical correctness. Her subject is the animal itself and not what it might symbolise, and her approach is simple and uncomplicated, deriving from her observation and love of animals. Where her work is unusual is in its use of metal wire to create the illusion of sinew and bone. It is a surprisingly versatile material, and the way the light falls on it suggests the vigorous working of the muscles. Her work is the quintessence of Englishness, and it relates well to the landscape of the Dean. ”

Rupert Martin: The Sculpted Forest, 1990